Matthew Robert Ethan

Benefit Show / June 17, 2013

Waiting for his cue…

Waiting for his cue!




Matthew Robert Ethan ~ 4 1/2 years old

Illinois Family Bible Camp - October 2010

One Month Old

1st Birthday Dec 15, 2006

From our Winter 2005/2006 Newsletter:

We learned last spring that we were expecting a new baby! Due to possible complications from our Rh factor incompatibility, we chose to see the specialist who monitored our pregnancy with Maggie. At our checkup in the middle of August we learned that the baby might be borderline anemic, and we were only at 21 weeks gestation. In these cases, if anemia occurs before 34 weeks, the treatment is intrauterine blood transfusions to give the baby additional red blood cells. Sometimes this is needed every 7-10 days to get the baby to an age where it is safer to deliver. We were of course concerned at the thought of possibly needing 6 or 7 of these transfusions, so we asked for laying on of hands and prayer at the Summer Gospel Gathering. The Great Physician intervened and has brought us safely to the 37 week point as we write this. HalleluYah!

The doctor plans to induce labor a little early, like we did with Maggie, to minimize the baby’s exposure to my Rh antibodies. We are scheduled for delivery on December 8th (2005), if the baby’s lungs are ready. We should be holding our new baby boy by the time you read this . . .

Born: December 15, 2005

Home the day after Christmas!
One Week Old


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