Nathaniel William

Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.


Nathaniel is now 13 years old, a very special young man with a big voice, and learning to play the resophonic guitar (Dobro). He already does a great job with the bodhran on many of our Irish tunes.

At 11 years old he was belting out tunes like Dooley, I've Been Working on the Railroad, I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy... Act Naturally and You've Got a Friend in Me. At that time we was our Washboard Champion, throwing in an occasional cross-eyed funny-face without missing a beat!

April 2, 2013

Hi There Nathaniel,

My name is Gaye and I work here at Disc Makers making your CD projects.

I wanted to tell you that I watched a YouTube video the other day of your singing and you’re really a wonderful natural performer! You really have a lot of stage presence and charisma. Nathaniel, that takes some singers years to develop. You have a real gift so keep it up.

Best wishes,

Gaye Feighner
Product Specialist / Disc Makers
800-468-9353 ext. 4520

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Nathaniel: I've been Workin' on the Railroad

"I've Been Workin' on the Railroad"

Bluegrass & BBQ Festival

Silver Dollar City / May 15, 2007

Singing "Dooley"

Heritage Days Festival

Baker Creek / September 7, 2008


Southern Gospel Picnic

Silver Dollar City ~ Sep 2006

Playin' checkers on the porch at Hannah's Ice Cream Parlor


Nathaniel at a Special Event

And a little silliness...


Like his big brothers, Nathaniel enjoys playing with Legos, board & computer games, watching videos, playing on the trampoline and, of course, going out to eat! One of his favorite links goes to the Pixar movie: Cars.


Work hard ~ Play hard!

Breakfast... for dinner!


Nathaniel's Birth Story
Short & Sweet

Nathaniel was born at home on June 3, 1999, at 6:45 am. We named him Nathaniel (Given of God) William (Firm Protector, and after Trish's daddy). He weighed in at 9 lbs. 15 oz., was 21 7/8" long, 15 1/2" head circumference, and appeared to be just fine except for some jaundice. Seven days of morning sunshine and supplemental charcoal slurry took care of that!

And now he's one of our family's favorite singer/entertainers within our band! You can listen to him sing and play the washboard and spoons on many of our songs. He does a great job!

Posing with Thomas the Tank Engine
Nathaniel's 4th Birthday Party / Branson Landing

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