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Folk Psalms

The idea for this Folk Psalms album came about through a very special gift from Pastor John & Alice Weaver: a copy of The Book of Psalms for Singing. Published by the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, this Psalter contains the 150 Psalms arranged in rhyme & meter and set to familiar hymn melodies for easy singing. Since the banjo does not lend itself well to some hymn melodies, we decided it would make an interesting project to try singing the Psalms to folk tunes instead (from whence we get the term Folk Psalms). So back in early 2002, Norm & Trish began by arranging 3 or 4 psalms as part of their gospel music program, adding more as time went along and incorporating the children as they became proficient on their instruments. Finally in 2008 we were able to get the last three Psalms arranged to complete the dozen tunes on this recording.

Besides the Weavers, we have many to thank for their help & encouragement with this album…

  • First of all we thank our Heavenly Father for the wonderful songbook He provided in His Word. It is a joy to sing the Psalms and realize anew just how fresh & timeless His Word is.
  • Secondly, our thanks go to the multi-talented Greg Bailey for his invaluable help throughout the recording process. We appreciate the good advice, tricks & tips for helping reach the high notes on Psalm 149 and the assistance in arranging the instrumentation on Psalm 119 (The Water is Wide). And most of all for his mixing & mastering skills that helped hide our many rough edges. J
  • Additional thanks goes to Alycia Chadwick for “babysitting” some of our youngest ones during numerous recording sessions. Also, thanks to those who have encouraged us and patiently awaited this recording.

This project ended up taking a year and a half to complete, so the songs we recorded most recently reflect certain improvements in the children’s musicianship. Hannah also graduated from the ½ size up to the ¾ size fiddle during the recording process, so any differences you may hear in the fiddle’s tone from song to song may be due to this. We arranged the tunes in numerical order rather than the sequence recorded.

We hope you will be blessed by the contents of this Psalm collection and find it an effective means of hiding His Word in your heart.

All arrangements by the Farnum Family

Norm ~ Banjo & Vocals, Guitar on Psalm 119

Daniel ~ Bass & Vocals

Hannah ~ Fiddle & Vocals on Psalm 67 & Jesus Love Me

Trish ~ Piano & Vocals, Pennywhistle on Psalms 24, 47 & 149

Benjamin ~ Mandolin

Nathaniel ~ Vocals on Psalm 51 & Jesus Love Me

Maggie ~ Vocals on Jesus Love Me

Greg Bailey ~ Stone County Recording - (417) 723-0005

Brother, I listened to the CD all the way through immediately upon receiving it. It is thoroughly enjoyable and a blessing to hear the Scriptures sung to music. I highly recommend the CD and would encourage everyone to procure a copy for their pleasure and edification. It is also a real joy to know that the Farnum Family lives the gospel and desires that their family, ministry, and music be pleasing unto the Lord.

Pastor John Weaver

Freedom Baptist Church

Fitzgerald, Georgia

 Tmat Pickin'

We are happy to share our first recording as “The Farnum Family” with you. What a blessing it has been to watch the children’s talents develop over the last few years and now have an album to show the fruit of their labors!

We have many we wish to thank, but must start with our wonderful savior, Jesus Christ, who has made it all possible. We thank Him for life, love, family, friends and this marvelous gift of music that adds so much joy to our lives. We are nothing without Him.

A big “thank you” to the children’s grandparents for their love, support and help with instruments and lessons. We love you all!

Thanks to Jim, Teresa & Sterling for being the greatest “first-door” neighbors in the world and for introducing us to the song, “If You Believe.” We sure appreciated the babysitting you provided during several of the recording sessions!

Special thanks to Ricky Boen (Hannah’s fantastic fiddle teacher) for his patience and perseverance with our little “Missouri Mule.” J

Thank you to the Boatrights, the Naylors, Maaziah Mountain, The 97th Regimental String Band, the Homestead Pickers and others whose music inspires the children (and Mom & Dad) to learn new songs.

To “Prince John” who so faithfully prays for our family & our music ministry—God bless you, brother! And to all the dear ones near & far who encourage us with their love, prayers & friendship, our heartfelt thanks and a bushel of hugs!

And to Greg Bailey at Stone County Recording our greatest appreciation for making the studio experience as painless as possible for Daniel, Benjamin and Hannah. We applaud your many talents and “fun to be around” personality! We have many fond memories of the Bailey Farm, including the cows, the baby chicks, the black snake in the chicken cage (and the chick inside the snake L), playing fetch with Bess (their Border Collie), sampling homemade brew (Norm’s favorite), and ‘test driving’ Greg’s automated massage chair (Trish’s favorite)!

And last, but certainly not least, to our precious blessings--Daniel, Benjamin, Hannah, Nathaniel, Maggie & Matthew—thanks for being such troopers during the whole recording process. God willing, we look forward to making music with you for many years to come.

As you can see, we have chosen to title this album Tomato Pickin’ in honor of Norm’s favorite garden treat and most requested song—Homegrown Tomatoes!

Come and Rejoice


Norman Farnum ~ Banjo, Lead & Harmony Vocals

Tricia Farnum ~ Piano, Lead & Harmony Vocals

Obie Jones ~ Bass & Guitar

Cross Your Heart / Dig Another Well

Michael Peebles ~ Harmony Vocal

Let All Things Now Living

Final Mix & Mastering ~ Obie Jones

In-House Productions, Hollister, Missouri

Cover Design & Layout ~ Norm & Trish Farnum

Photography & Final Layout ~ Caleb Wheat

Quick Print, Springfield, Missouri / (417) 831-6117

While on a trip to Washington State in August of 1998, we first heard the title song, Come and Rejoice! Immediately, we knew that we wanted to learn this as it expresses such a joyful attitude of worship and praise, which is the theme of this album.

This disc contains a compilation of many of the songs recorded and featured during our nearly five-year span producing *Songs for His People. We pray that this collection will encourage you in prayer and praise to our Heavenly Father.

Our most grateful praise is extended to the King of Kings for bringing this project to fruition. We are so thankful for the talents He has given us, and wish to use them to His glory.

Our thanks to Obie Jones for the use of his studio in completing this undertaking, and for being so easy to work with! Also, thanks to our wonderful parents for enduring the hours of practice involved in learning our instruments, and for their continued enthusiastic support of our music. And to so many of you, we want to express our heartfelt thanks for your patience and gentle reminders that it was time for us to have a new recording. We have appreciated your prayers and support. Now, please Come and Rejoice with us!

Norm & Trish

* SONGS FOR HIS PEOPLE was a cassette tape music “magazine” comprising 21 issues produced from 1995-1999. Each Biblically themed edition featured songs, scripture reading, guest musical artist interview and a short message by a guest speaker.

Come and Rejoice

Come with rejoicing, the Father is calling.

Those who would worship in spirit and truth;

Come with your singing, come with thanksgiving.

Jesus, our Savior, has made all things new.


Come and Rejoice, O Holy Nation,

Come and sing Praises to Him;

Come and bow down, worship before Him,

Jesus, the King of all kings,

Jesus, the King of all kings.

The Lord of Creation is full of compassion,

Sealed in splendor adorned with all grace;

Majestic and glorious, reigning victorious,

Now and forever enthroned on our praise.

With the sound of the trumpet He summons the nations,

Calling a priesthood to go in His Name;

To show forth His Power to this generation,

To worship, before Him, a Kingdom of Praise.

© 1989 - Don Moen & Gerrit Gustafson

Come, let us worship and bow down,

Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.

Psalm 95:6

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