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Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise. — Jeremiah 17:14

Friday, Mar 7th:

We visited Jack & Karen on Wednesday. He continues to be in good spirits, in spite of the very serious condition that he faces. They were very grateful to recieve the gift collected for them.

Speaking with him yesterday, I was excited to learn that he was able to "exercise" his left arm some!

We continue to ask for prayer and wisdom to detemine the best alternative and most natural restorative route for him. There are quite a few alternatives to consider that are available. All are "somewhat to very" costly. A fundraising method has also been suggested and being considered.

Monday, Mar 3rd

Spoke with Jack & Karen over the weekend and today. Jack has been transferred to the Meyer Rehab Center only a block away from the hospital (to the first floor, Room 111). Jack reported that he is enjoying his Physical Therapy activities.

Jack Dwight

Through the generousity of many in attendance, over $500 was donated this past weekend at the Gospel Gathering towards Jack's nutritional therapy. Thank you to all!

Wednesday, Feb 26th

Karen reported this morning that Jack was able to slightly move his left arm! That could be a very good indication. We'll pray for more improvement. This same evening Trish & I went up to visit. Some other friends were already there, so we enjoyed their company for a while. Jack was moved earlier today from ICU and looked reasonably well, however he has about a 5-inch line of stainless steel stitches going up the back-right side of his skull. The doctors also removed & stitched up the drainage tube. Jack says that he is not in any immediate pain, is communicating fluidly (and a lot), and is looking forward to getting out of the hospital. Can't say that we blame him.

Jack Dwight

We've been researching more on the Burzynski Cancer Clinic in Houston, Texas, and believe their approach may rank amongst the most effective allopathic treatment today. Also looking into some of the studies & accounts of Fish Oil and Omega-3 oils with regards to healing the brain. These accounts are very astounding!

Therapeutic uses of high-dose omega-3 fatty acids to treat comatose patients with severe brain injury

Practical hints for helping to manage brain trauma

The story about my son Grant’s accident and brain injury

Monday, Feb 24th:

Just spoke w/Karen (about 5 pm)… She shared that Jack was out of the surgery. The surgeon reported that the tumor was not located where they originally suspected, and was therefore not able to remove all of it. Its placement put it furth
er back in his skull within the area of motor function, so Jack is not expected to regain much if any of his lost motor skills – his entire left side is nearly paralyzed. They were originally told that had they forgone the surgery, they’d not give him more than six months, now after the surgery, if he doesn’t follow-up with chemo and/or radiation, they don’t give him more than six months – with their treatments, perhaps 18 to 24. Sixteen years ago, doctors gave our Hannah a 10% chance of life! God willing, we’ll go with His numbers, petitioning Our Father, the Great Physician with continued vigor for healing, wisdom and His Providential Grace for our brother-in-Christ, Jack.

Have mercy upon me, O Lord, for I am weak: O Lord, heal me, for my bones are vexed. — Psalm 6:2

Sunday, Feb 23rd:

Our dear friend, Jack Dwight, was admitted this past Friday morning (Feb 21st) for a follow-up MRI, which confirmed an aggressive “Glioblastoma” in the left hemisphere of his brain. It is the doctors' suggestion to remove it, rather than do a biopsy only, and then have to return soon thereafter to remove the tumor. Jack's surgery is now scheduled for Monday afternoon.

We went to visit Jack & Karen at the hospital on Saturday afternoon (February 22nd). He was in good spirits, however we know this is all weighing heavy on his mind and heart. Of course he wished to do everything possible in the natural healing realm, but realizes that his condition may now be too critical. As of yesterday (Sunday), he told me that his plan was to proceed with the surgery, and pursue some "at home” or other alternative treatment (when he could make travel arrangements, if necessary). As of this morning (Monday), Jack is scheduled for another MRI, followed by surgery sometime this afternoon after 3:30 pm. Talking to Karen, she informed me that the tumors (there are two) are about 1.5" to 2” in size, and are reported to have crossed into the left hemisphere.

Speaking briefly with some of our local fellowship over the weekend, we are making plans to help Jack & Karen with their rent, utilities and groceries while he is incapacitated. Some of you may remember that they lost both their home and farm house last year due to foreclosure. Jack’s income was their primary livelihood and that is now coming to a standstill. I know they have no insurance, but as I understand, the hospital may work some form of financial arrangement for them (of course, still to be determined). The alternative follow-up protocols and nutritional therapies available thru the Gerson Institute, the Burzynski Cancer Clinic (or any other private provider) may cost upwards of $12,000 to $15,000. As a buffer against these and related expenses, we would ask any who are able to help financially, to do so as they are led. We have set up a PayPal account designated for the purpose.

If desired, you may mail any donation directly to them via...

Jack Dwight

c/o Karen Thielen

PO Box 34

Billings, Missouri 65610

Please continue to pray for his complete recovery.

Should you wish to call or visit Jack, he is currently at Cox South in Springfield, Missouri, Room 804.

You may also call us for any additional information.

417 337-3432



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