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Wrong is right and right is wrong,
But we all love to have it so...
We pray to God to meet our needs,
While the idols in our hearts still reign supreme.

from The Wrath of God by Brian Russell

give me understanding ~

I want to thank:

My Savior, who is my reason for life. My wife, who loves me despite all my faults, and who pushes me to get out of my comfort zone. My children, who are my biggest fans. My parents, especially my mom, for the guitar, the love of music, and for all the love and support. My friends, the Naylors, for all the help and hard work in putting this together. It would not have been possible without you.

Suggested Offering for this CD is $15 each
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Songs of the Civil War

performed by

The 97th Regimental

String Band

Authentic Folk-Renditions of

The North & The South

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Battlefields and Campfires / Volume 1 (45 minutes)

Songs of the Civil War soldier - Ballads, marches, minstrel aires - popular tunes that both sides sang ‘round the campfire to cheer the heart and dispel gloom. Songs Include: The Battle Cry of Freedom * The Bonnie Blue Flag * Rose of Alabama * Tom Dula * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * Goober Peas * The Minstrel Boy * The Alabama * Just Before the Battle, Mother * Marching Through Georgia * Coming to Us Dead * Kingdom Coming * Lincoln and Liberty * Mrs. McGrath * Billy Broke Locks

Dixie and Other Love Songs / Volume 2 (45 minutes)

Popular songs of the civil War era, all based on the soldiers’ relationships with women: sentimental, remarkable, and even whimsical! Few people realize that "Dixie" is a comic love song, because they've never heard all five verses. Likewise, "Wait for the Wagon" and "Lorena" are seldom given in their entirety... and we're not just whistlin' Dixie! Additional Songs Include: There is a Tavern in the Town * The Yellow Rose of Texas * Devilish Mary * Johnny is My Darlin' * Shortenin' Bread * The Banks of the Ohio * Aura Lea * Cindy * A-Rovin' * The Gypsy Rover * Green Grow the Lilacs * Shenandoah

Chantey Irish / Volume 3 (60 minutes)

These are the songs to be found in the camps of the many Irish troops, and on the decks of both navies. Forced to emigrate to foreign lands by the potato famine in Ireland, thousands of young Paddys arrived just in time to be handed a gun and marched off to fight in the Civil War. During the long voyage to "Amerikay," the rich store of sea chanteys became part of their song-bag, and in turn, many a sailor's long watch at the pumps went faster with "Rosin the Beau." Songs Include: Saturday Night at Sea * Sail Away, Ladies * Jolly Grog * The Mermaid * Saro Jane * Leave Her, Johnny * Paddy Doyle's Boots * Admiral Benbow * Boney Was a Warrior * Blood-Red Roses * Congo River * Roll the Old Chariot * Wild Rover * Kilgaragh Mountain * Jug of Punch * Connamara Cradle Song * Roddy McCorley * Cockles and Mussels * Brennan of the Moor * Risin' of the Moon * Rosin the Beau

Tenting on the Old Camp Ground / Volume 4 (50 minutes)

Follow the music of the Civil War from the dank prison cell to the trenches of Vicksburg; from the blood-washed deck of the Cumberland to the final, exultant peace jubilee. These are soldier-songs that capture the feeling of the enlisted men of the North and South as the fortunes of their causes ebbed and flowed: Patriotism! Home! Battles! Comrades!! Army Food!!!

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Songs of the Civil War Era

97th Regimental

String Band Songbook

Authentic Folk-Renditions of

The North & The South

A Master Compendium of all the words

sung on their first four volumes.

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Raise a Ruckus / Volume 5 (45 minutes)

A nation weary of war turned to a uniquely American form of entertainment, the Minstrel Show, to find escape. Crude jokes, slapstick & comic plays would evolve into and eventually be replaced by Vaudeville. From the first performance to the last obscure minstrel, music was the glue that held everything together. Stephen Collins Foster was one of the premier songwriters of the Civil War era as demonstrated by ten of the songs on this recording. His tunes were given the ultimate honor of being parodied time and again.

Songs Include:
Oh, Susanna
If You've Only Got a Moustache
The Glendy Burk
Camptown Races
Hard Times Come Again
No More
Old Folks at Home
Beautiful Dreamer
My Old Kentucky Home,
Good Night
Lubly Fan * Ring De Banjo
Bluetail Fly * Old Dog Tray


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Marching Along / Volume 6 (45 minutes)

Strap on your knapsack once again, and join the armies as they advance in the face of boredom, hunger, practical jokes, and a host of other perils. Get a first hand account of how to utilize the ubiquitous Army Mule as a plaything... or an entree! Songs Include: Marching Along * Mister, Here's Your Mule * Sweet Evalina * Invalid Corps * The Alabama and the Kearsarge * Garryowen * The Girl I Left Behind Me * Old Maui * A Life on the Vicksburg Bluff * Pop Goes the Weasel * Kathleen Mavourneen * Home! Sweet Home! * Gentle Annie * Haul on the Bowline * Men of Harlech

Brass Mounted Army / Volume 7 (45 minutes)

The 97th Regimental String Band is proud to announce the release of the seventh volume in their series of Civil War recordings... featuring 17 songs of The South and The North done in the acoustical style of the era. Songs Include: Brass Mounted Army * Grafted Into The Army * Paddy's Lamentation * I Goes to Fight Mit Sigel * My Last Cigar * Babylon is Fallen * Barney Buntline * What's the Matter? * Auld Lang Syne * Yankee Doodle * Who Will Care For Mother Now? * New York Girls * Honest Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade * Farewell to Grog * What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor? * Twenty Years Ago * Upidee

Saturday Night At Sea / Compiled from Volumes 1-7 (50 minutes)

For those of you who just can't get enough of those old-time sailor songs and hate to wade through the other music in-between, The 97th Regimental String Band took all of their aquatic ditties scattered throughout the first seven volumes and compiled them on this recording.

Saturday Night At Sea

Songs Include:

Saturday Night at Sea * Haul on the Bowline

 Old Maui * Shenandoah * Jolly Grog

A-Rovin' * Congo River

Sail Away, Ladies * The Mermaid

Blood-Red Roses * Admiral Benbow

Drunken Sailor * Roll the Chariot

Paddy Dayle's Boots * The Glendy Burke

The Alabama * Saro Jane

Leave Her, Johnny * Boney Was a Warrior

Suggested Offering for CD's: $15 each
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We first saw the 97th Regimental String Band perform these stirring renditions of songs about the War Between the States at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri.
We've been back to see them often and recommend that you see them when you can, too!



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